WHEN you live a stones throw from the Honour Avenue, love a black moccasin on a Thursday and have a deep family connection with place - you know you’re are a Falcon for life. To underline that fact, this champion now joins the 300 club at the Vales this weekend.

Jayden Wood, you're a star mate!

Son of club great and former President - Craig Wood, young Ducky grew up around the Vales senior group of a Saturday in the early 90’s, then developed his own game as a junior every Sunday. It's fair to say, Woody has held the green and gold in very high regard ever since.

As an inside midfielder or versatile utility (with close to 150 senior grade games to his name), Duck wins his own ball and displays aggression across all lines. Skilled on both his left and right boot (size 8 pig trotter), the Duck's trademark is to stiff-arm an opponent who displays too much athleticism for his liking.

Woody’s never found himself attached to any new-age nutritional trend either.... This Duck tends to steer clear of the greens and chooses to defrost a crumbed or battered pre-match meal. Maybe that's his secret?

Close associate Russell Turner describes Woody as “a bloke with long pockets and very short hands” such is his love for a bargain. A thrifty marsupial, it is widely accepted that Ducky is known for his ability to navigate your Coles shopper docket. Well played, fella!

Senior Captain in 2012, 2013 and 2014; Woody ensured that the lads worked for each other and steered the playing list to great on-field success – and he still leads from the front today. Whether as a player or committeeman, Jayden’s been the glue that's kept things together for so long... and that really does speak volumes for the sort bloke he is.

No doubt fiancée Carly, his family and his friends will share in a wonderful achievement with him this weekend. His club is also extremely proud, thankful and excited to celebrate this great milestone.

An indelible image for many supporters would no doubt be the Duck sitting aloft his great mate’s shoulders (Nathan Reschke) with both hands on the cup last September as a proud 2015 Senior Premiership player! On behalf of all at the Wyndhamvale Football Club, go well in your 300th game Ducky. Have a party… Enjoy mate!

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