Nathan Reschke chalks up his 100th Senior Grade match this weekend.

RESCHKE, a proud name of Polish-Bavarian decent that roughly translates to 'Big Pumpkin farmer'. Ancestors have since been found lounging around the Eyre Peninsula south of Adelaide. One big unit has escaped the fate of the many unwashed, sediment-sipping South Australian's and found himself here… in god's country - Wyndham Vale.

Nathan Reschke has shouldered much of the ruck work for the past seven seasons with the Wyndhamvale Falcons and this weekend he chalks up his 100th Senior Grade game against Spotswood on the road. Reschke becomes only the second ruckman from our club to achieve the feat at senior level.

A Hoppers Crossing junior, Nathan played his early senior football with Werribee Centrals before being recruited to the nest in 2010 - where he had immediate impact as a fresh faced, sleeveless 20 year old. In 2011, the young Falcons outfit went within a kick of a Grand Final and the ‘big dog’ was front and centre - winning the club's Senior Best and Fairest. Reschke was also given 'Team of the Year' honours as the competitions best ruckman in 2011 and 2012. Indeed, this hipster has polled more votes than any other senior player at the club in the last decade.

With a massive melon, akin to your Brad Ottens / Amèlie Mauresmo love child - he moves around the ground surprisingly well (young lads push the Google button). Thoughtful yes, articulate no! Whilst the big fella enjoys dishing out a decent spray to his opponent - he falls well short of the mark with his stock-standard vegetable or pastry-related comparisons. Bloody funny though.

Dogga has always given his team first use from a stoppage and is always quick to follow up his work with tackle pressure. His ability to take crucial overhead marks around the ground has enabled the Vales to stem the flow or generate attack since the day he walked in the door. He's always displayed our trademark and in many ways our young squad was built around the big fella some time ago.

Like an overgrown tortoise, Nathan’s neck seems to disappear when in pursuit of an opponent… he is ‘all arms’ when giving chase… pumping those long levers to change gear (much like the late Mr. Larson - that big prick from Happy Gilmore). 

No doubt bride Kate, family, friends and supporters at Wyndhamvale are all very proud to see him take the park this weekend. A proud 2015 premiership player, dominant tap ruckman and great leader for the group - Reschke wants nothing but the best future for our footy club. When others may have ducked or weaved, Dogga stood tall - proud to wear the green and gold and embrace the challenge at this new level.

Great mate Jayden Wood describes Reschke as having “a very sloppy rig, but you wouldn't want to cross that white line with anyone else! He gives his all and more!" Knowing this great clubman, he would dearly want a 4-quarter performance from both teams this week as we look to return to the effort we’ve come to expect as a group. Let’s give it a massive crack, lads!

Although it’ll be a bloody big task, the lads will be lining up to chair the ‘big dog’ off the ground – Let’s all share a beer together with heads held high after this one. The Wyndhamvale Football Club congratulates this ripping bloke on his 100th senior game.

Good luck mate!

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